About Kritter Crafts

The name “Kritter Crafts” was inspired largely by the little critters that have visited us through the years.  Squirrels, robins, fox, mallard ducks, and more have visited us at one time or another.  Some are just passing through while some stay for an extended period of time.

A mother fox and her kits once made a quick hideout in our bushes in between winters.  A family of robins made a multi-year home out of the housewarming wreath on our front door, and even ventured into the house at one point.  And our own little critter (Klondike, my sweet little Pomeranian) remains highly suspicious of those quacking mallard ducks that spend time in his back yard during migration season.

Of course, we love all the little critters both home and away.  Everything from snow-shoe hare and wild turkeys to sea turtles and orcas have blessed us with their presence at some point in our travels.  While some of those are hardly “little” critters, they have touched us and inspired us.

It is that inspiration that brought along “Kritter Crafts” and we hope that Kritter Crafts brings inspiration to you and yours. Enjoy!

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